Implementation of Turnkey Solution

Implementing Automation Solution in the UnProtected Labour Board

  • Automating the set up of labour wages collection and distribution with the benefits of PF & Gratuity, Bonus & Other Welfare Funds
  • Reduce the time and errors in calculations and timely disbursement
  • Maintenance of PF, Gratuity, Loan from PF, Bonus and other welfare accounts of the workers
  • Tallying of the overall funds to total of individual worker's welfare funds
  • Financial Accounting with adept Fixed Deposit Management
  • Plugging of Pilferage
  • Connectivity between all the offices of the board and seamless data flow and access between Head office and all branches.
  • To do system study and obtain the complete domain knowledge. Each department being islanded with their own working system.
  • Data duplication and glitches in the data flow and access
  • Constraints in meeting desired efficiency & productivity
  • Constraints in meeting desired efficiency & productivity
  • Staff unexposed to computers, reluctance in switching to technology with the feeling of insecurity
  • Implementation and Training challenges
  • Designing the prototype based on initial system study.
  • Individual module preparation for each department.
  • Implementing with some individuals in a particular department. There was an instant buy-in with Tangible Proof of automation
  • Obtained know-how of data flow while implementation.
  • Designed a upgraded seamless solution and gave a Proof Of Concept.
  • Ensured seamless data flow from origin to different access points.
  • Implemented the upgraded solution capable of handling more number of workers with lesser staff.
  • The board is completely online and are able to service the workers to the best.