Avion is a One Stop Technology solutions & service provider committed to quality. We provide total IT solutions – hardware, software, consulting and services. Below are our key offerings:

Application Software Solutions


Computer Infrastructure Solutions

Avion provides ready to use, standard off the shelf software solutions suiting customer needs and requirements. We at Avion ensure that these solutions are of adequate specifications and support services and offers economic value to our customers. We are also resellers/partners for the prodcuts below.

Google Apps

Join the 5 million businesses using Google Apps

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It's simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

Tally ERP

AVION is an Authorized Tally Sales & Service Partner Company and a complete solution provider for its various products & services. We are a preferred partner of Tally facilitating the user the flexibility, simplicity and power of their ERP software along with customization of data entry screens, processes and reports depending upon the specific requirements of the client. We have acquired the requisite expertise to Customize TALLY ERP software and have integrated a team of highly trained people to serve the specific business needs of the customer.

  • TALLY ERP Software License and Renewal of Annual License
  • Setup and Implementation of TALLY ERP
  • Customization of TALLY ERP Software as per client requirement
  • Development of Online / Offline Data Bridges between TALLY and any other Application

StoreGrid Backup Software

We live in a digital world. Most of our personal and business data exists as bits and bytes stored on optical media and hard disks in computers. Our systems and infrastructure may be quite robust, yet virus attacks, system failures, hardware malfunction etc. are not inevitable. It is therefore very crucial that the entire data is replicated and stored in other place which we call as 'Back Up'. Remember, Backup is not a product it's a process. AVION brings to you Vembu Storegrid Solution to back up your data as never before. It is simple to install and administer while powerful, comprehensive, secure and reliable.

  • Flexible : Works with your existing hardware and off the shelf components, eliminating the need to buy additional dedicated storage hardware.
  • Comprehensive : One solution for all forms of data backup. No need for application specific backup.
  • Pragmatic : Reliable and feature packed data backup software at an extremely affordable price.
  • Frugal : Consumes minimal CPU and memory.
  • Easy to Use : User friendly & intuitive browser based graphical user interface.

SPOOK An Ultimate Solution for Data Security

Spook is an integrated solution for data security. It is a data vault, a data transporter, and a concealment engine all packed in one application. What sets it aside from other applications is its concealment feature. It is easy to use with single click encryption, archival and sanitization of important data

  • Protects crucial data with upto 20 character case sensitive password
  • Compress and archive data with 256 BIT encryption
  • Removes traces of source data beyond recovery
  • Removes traces of even already deleted data.



If you are looking to take your business online, we are the appropriate partners to set up the store for you and maintain it. We have successfully deployed a number of Online Stores. To know more about the deployment of technology, Click on Start an ONLINE STORE


Cloud CRM, Simplified VTiger

Join over 10,000 businesses that use Vtiger CRM to get organized, grow sales, boost marketing ROI, and deliver delightful customer experiences



With its high-end technology and business consulting skills, Avion is considered a preferred application software consulting partner by our broad and diversified global client base. Avion has carved a niche for itself by building a reputation as an innovator, delivering exceptional consulting, design, development, implementation and support services for the customers. We possess strong project management skills to ensure the success of your software project. We use our proven ID4 methodology modeled on CMM best practices which is vital in realizing the automation goals.

We have demonstrable expertise across various industries and domains. Our ability lies in understanding complex business rules, diversified work flow systems and managing ease of delivery from an end user perspective. We have build several applications featuring innovative and seamless data flow through all the processes and finally integrating with Financial Accounting and Communication aids. Our applications feature complete business process management, user management, data collection, data import, advance search capabilities, report creation.

For Customized Software Solutions, Avion has Tailor made Engagement process suiting client needs, requirements and budget.

  • Business Consulting for Automation of Management Systems
  • Proprietary Software Products are developed to provide Integrated Solutions
  • Every stage of software development and devolvement covered
  • Business Domain Analysis to Implementation of the software
  • Management and Maintenance of the software application
  • Managing the migration of data from the customer's previous software systems.
  • Expertise in Developing applications for business' having Management Processes linked with Financial Accounting
  • Integration of Auto Communication like Email / Sms with Application Software

AVION Provides Complete IT Infrastructure Solutions along with customized software by integrating all of AVION IT solutions and creating turnkey solution for customers. Turnkey solutions are specifically tailored to meet customers' needs and combine and integrate varying elements and aspects of Computer Infrastructure Solutions and Application Software Solutions. Avion is one stop shop for the Complete IT Infrastructure Requirements.

Our approach is unique and efficient. First, an expert team evaluates the needs of a business by carefully modeling the workflow and workload. Based on the workload, the computer infrastructure needs are mapped and best value and quality products sourced.

We understand the needs of various businesses. Our experts have been involved in designing and implementing software solutions across different industries over the last so many years. Our experience helps in the art of designing business processes and management systems. Subsequently, a proprietary software library is used to design and develop the customized and reliable software solution.

We lay a lot of stress on the implementation of the software solution. Besides the general training and requisite hand holding, we are completely involved with the implementation process until the successful transition is achieved. We ensure that our clients get returns on investments made in Information Technology Infrastructure.