At Avion, we have diverse industry vertical experience with focus on maximizing business efficiency and productivity through our best-of-breed hardware and software solutions. Our Computer Infrastructure Solutions Department Serves Customers of all natures and sizes spanning across wide spectrum of industry. We have provided some innovative turnkey solutions in a number of Small and Medium Enterprises. We have developed, implemented and are maintaining application software for some of the clients in following areas:

Government Organizations

We have equipped with hardware and networking solutions and have successfully implemented application softwares at many Government and semi-Government organizations. We persevere to understand the complexities of large and slow paced organizations which resist to change. We not only provide solutions, but facilitate change also.


Credit Cooperative Societies

While developing products for credit co-operative societies we keep in mind the aspects of freedom, self-reliance and cost of ownership. We re-engineer processes for better quality and control.


Small and Medium Enterprise

SMEs and start-ups have several constraints including budgets, time lines and resources. At the same time, their requirements can be unique. We provide tailor-made solutions at optimum rates that reduce operating costs while creating true value for them.


Import/Export Business

We have developed custom software solutions for Import/Export industry strengthening domain knowledge with the know-how in foreign currency management, stock flow and work management, banking contracts, etc. Our robust system combines Financial Accounting with work flow and operational information reporting.


Logistics Industry

Surface Transport industry has unique business management requirements where data needs to flow seamlessly across cities between their various offices. We have developed and successfully implemented complete business process management solution with financial accounting system thereby improvising their operational efficiency. Our solutions guarantee complete automation for this industry.


Private Equity Firms

We have provided fully integrated customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution and Document Management System for this sector. We get into the core of the business and deploy rapid solutions that leverage best practices with minimal disruption to your business.